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AIRFLO POLYLEADERS Salmon and Steelhead
AIRFLO Salmon and Steelhead Poly Leaders

Best selling product ! Six densities in 5', 8', 10’ and 14’ lengths to provide complete depth control when chasing Salmon and Steelhead.

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AIRFLO Custom Cut Sink Tips
AIRFLO Custom Cut Sink Tips


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AIRFLO G5 Flourocarbon Tippet

The UK’s No1 selling Fluorocarbon is up to 60% lower in diameter

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Airflo Trout Polyleader
AIRFLO Trout Poly Leaders

One of the best ways to control the depth at which your fly fishes.

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Echo Classic Switch Rod Package
Echo Classic Switch Rod Package

Save over $100 with this Echo Switch Package !

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OPST Micro Tips
OPST 5′ Micro Tips

OPST 5' Micro Tips for sale in Canada The tip our trout fishing friends have been waiting for. 5 feet, 40 grains, and three different sink rates: S2, S4 and S6. Finally, there is a micro tip optimized for 6 … Read More

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opst commando floating tips
OPST Commando Floating Tips

Brand New Tips from OPST !

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OPST Commando Tips
OPST Commando Tips.jpg 2
OPST Commando Sink Tips

OPST Commando Sink Tips for sale in Canada   BRAND NEW! OPST now offers Commando Tips, completing your Pure Skagit system from hook to reel. It's a fact that not every hole calls for the fastest, heaviest sink tip. Riffles … Read More

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ORVIS MIRAGE Pure Fluorocarbon Tippet

Best selling Mirage Fluorocarbon Tippet

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